Our Services

At c.u.clean we offer you free advice on what type of material is used for your furniture or floors should you be unsure of it.

Our services include:

carpet cleaning

We specialize in cleaning a variety of natural & man-made fibres to include: wool, coir, plant fibres, nylon, acrylic, polyester, etc. Also we are experts in effectively tackling wax stains, drink/food spills (incl. coffee and chocolate), water marks, blood stains, pets stains, urine & vomit stains, etc. and offer you stain protection, chewing gum removal and anti-static treatment.

How do we do it

Regular vacuuming is a fundamental part of housekeeping, but more specialized equipment and knowledge together with years of experience are required in order to clean properly and be able to remove as much , if not all, of the accumulated dust, grit and general soiling as possible. There are several cleaning methods used, the choice depending on factors such as the type of the surface, its age and condition, degree of soiling etc. The most popular methods are shampooing, hot water extraction (HWE), and the use of impregnated compounds, which are brushed into the carpet and subsequently removed with a powerful vacuum cleaner. Being a trained NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) member, we will recommend the most appropriate cleaning method for your particular item.

We are using top quality, up to date machinery and eco-friendly products to ensure our job exceeds your expectations and get you the best possible value for your money.

upholstery cleaning

including leather, suede, vinyl, micro fibre, cotton, cotton blend, silk, linen, polyester, nylon, rayon, wool, velvet, etc.

All your upholstery is carefully inspected prior to cleaning. Then we choose the best cleaning method according to the type of material and degree of soiling. First we vacuum it, then brush in the chosen solution to make it ready for extraction. The last step of upholstery cleaning is applying an effective fabric protection product, ideal for households with children or pets.

We guarantee you will be surprised by the difference we can make to your most loved upholstery regardless to its age or state, as its colour will be restored and all dust and bacteria removed so your household becomes a healthier environment for your family.

rug cleaning

Natural:  Animal or plant fibres, including wool, cotton, sisal, jute, sea-grass or bamboo
Synthetic:  Man-made material such as viscose, rayon, nylon, acrylic or polypropylene

At first we inspect the type of your rug and decide which cleaning products will be the most effective for it. Then we vacuum the rug on both sides to ensure the fibres open and release all the dust, skin cells and everything else you don’t want there. After that we brush in the best solution for that particular type of material and then extract it with our top of the range cleaning machine.

We guarantee you full satisfaction as you will see your rug back to life with its beautifully restored colour and patterns.

leather cleaning

Sealed Leathers, often called Corrected Grain, Antique Rubbed, Semi Aniline, Pure Aniline, Waxed pull-up

After assessing what is the type of the leather requiring cleaning, we rub a special eco-friendly product into it. This is to remove all dirt, stains and harmful bacteria from your leather furniture. After that, we apply the finishing cream to protect your leather from future spillages.
All the above is done by hand to maximise the excellent cleaning result.

hard floors cleaning

incl. vinyl, timber, sports, safety floors, profiled rubber, profiled ceramic, natural stone, flotex, laminate, tiles

At c.u.clean we use the top of the range Duplex machinery to successfully tackle the heaviest and the greasiest stains accumulated on your hard flooring. We thoroughly clean the hard floors simultaneously washing, agitating and extracting.  A unique offset brush system and two way handle allows cleaning to the very edge of skirting boards and into corners.

As hard floors cleaning specialists we guarantee you thorough and effective cleaning. We also offer a flexible ‘round the clock’ service to suit your needs as we understand some of the premises (like hospitals, gyms, etc.) are extremely busy during the days and perhaps the evenings and therefore you might only require our services at late evening/night/early morning hours.

window cleaning

We use the traditional ladder and squeegee way of cleaning the windows for buildings up to 2 storeys. This service includes window sill cleaning at no extra cost.

Mostly we recommend our window cleaning services to private customers, often as an addition to pre-booked carpet & upholstery cleaning at the same property.

If you decide to choose c.u.clean to clean your windows you might be sure we will be there at the time slots required by you leaving your windows clean and shiny in no time.


Due to high demand for reliable and cost effective gardening & ‘handyman’ services we now offer the following:

  • GARDENING to include: tree trimming, topping, felling & hedge trimming, pruning, clearing, weeding, lawn care,
  • Driveway & patio cleaning
  • Fencing
  • Painting
  • and many more gardening & ‘handyman’ services tailored to your needs

Many households use us on regular basis and it’s worth mentioning that we get the most of our business from customers recommending us to their relatives and friends. Sounds like you might need us too? Please contact us now for your FREE QUOTATION and advice on any work you may require.